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Kinder & Childcare Information

Children grow up quickly and before you know it, they are heading off to school. Their preschool time will be remembered as the last place where they had the freedom to learn and play in an unrestricted, relaxed and natural way. Wouldn’t you love to capture that moment forever?

At Class Act Photography, we do just that. We specialise in capturing candid and joyful moments as your child plays, learns and interacts. Best of all, you don’t need to pay for a personal photographer. We will do the shoot at your child’s pre-school and you can login to our site to order the prints. Professional photography has never been so easy and affordable!


How does it work?

We will work directly with the childcare centre or kindergarten to find a week that is suitable for them and we will provide them with a poster that they can pin up to let parents know when it is happening. A few weeks prior to the event, each family will get a unique code, which they can use to log in and pre-register for the sessions. 2-3 weeks after the photo week, the parents will be able to use their login to view their children’s photos and purchase prints and packages. It is secure, easy and effortless for both the centres and the families.


What happens during the photo week?

Our photographers will normally be at the centre a little after drop-off time and leave just before afternoon tea.  We usually photograph the younger children in the morning and the kinder children after lunch.  Our photographers are all experienced and work hard to make sure the children feel at ease. We do our absolute best not to influence or interrupt the children’s activities and interactions and we find that most kids quickly forget that we are there, which enables us to get wonderful, natural shots.


Can we include friends and siblings in the shots?

Throughout the course of the week, the photographers will take 8 to 14 shots of each child playing and engaged in activities. Most of the shots will be of the individual but we will always attempt to get a few photos of each child interacting with siblings.


What happens next?

We will edit the photos and then upload them to a secure location on our website. This normally takes 2-3 weeks. When they are ready, we will send out an email, SMS or letter to the parents to let them know that they can log in. Those that have pre-registered will be able to log in, view and purchase photos straight away. Parents who have not pre-registered can contact us to organise an account. Once the orders have been placed, we will post the orders directly to your home address.


It sounds great for the families but what about the centres?

Organising your photo week with Class Act Photography will also benefit the kindergarten or childcare centre that hosts. We believe in supporting local children’s centres so we don’t charge anything for the photographer’s time, provide complimentary copies of the group photos in digital or print format and we can even take complimentary profile shots of each staff member if required.  We can also provide complimentary centre environmental shots if needed for your advertising.  We will also provide 50% off for any staff member that has children at your centre.


Will this be a lot of extra work for the centre staff?

Not at all! We work hard so that the centres don't have to but there are a few things that we can't do. Once the centre has booked in a photo day, we will send them some promotional materials to pin up around the centre so that parents know when it is taking place.

A few weeks before the photo week, the centre will need to send us some basic details about the children (such as their names and which days they attend) so that we can be sure to capture everyone.

Finally we will need their help distributing the photos to each family, which they will be able to do when they come and pick up their children from the centre.

That is it! We will look after everything else.


How much do photos cost to buy?

We offer a range of prints, enlargements and digital file options with prices starting at just $12. For more details, visit our product information page.


How do we make a booking?

For more information and bookings, contact us by phone or email.

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