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Family Fundraiser Photo Day

How It Works

  • Choose a suitable date for the photoshoot day.
  • Let us know your desired location
    - With a choice of our portable studio at your establishment or in a natural location such as a garden or in a local park.
  • Let families know by distributing advertising materials (we can supply), global emails etc
  • Families will pay an upfront sitting fee which will be your fundraising commission - an amount between $15 to $20 is usually best.  You can alter the price as desired.
  • For photo day, we stagger each family 15 mins apart.  They will be given a set time for the photosession.

What Is Included

The photography sitting fee that each family pays upfront to your establishment will provide them with the following:

  • A photoshoot that will capture the family with cherished moments of their loved ones.
  • An online viewing gallery with option to purchase one of our custom photo packages
  •  One free print enlargement of your favourite family photo when purchasing a photo package
  • 100% Guarantee on all products




Our Photographers and Portfolio

Our photographers are fully trained Family Portrait Photographers with a passion for photographing Families and Children.  Fully accredited with the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers.  Here is some examples of what is possible in our portable studio plus at a natural location.


Find Out More

For further information feel free to Contact Us.  Also download our Information Flyer for further information on packages.